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iq x eq x fq  

This is the equation that is the founding ethos of Shiageto Consulting.

Ok, yes, it's not a real equation* but let us explain:

IQ stands for 'intelligence quotient'; you're not going to have success without having smart ideas and smart strategies

EQ stands for 'emotional quotient'; you need this to make sure that people are aligned and bought into whatever strategy you are pursuing

FQ stands for 'focus quotient'; you can have strategies that everyone buys into but just too much noise or distraction that stops you achieving your goals

At Shiageto Consulting, we don't believe that enough stock is put into assessing and improving all three of these elements equally, in particular the EQ and FQ.

Fear not, for we can help...

* It is Trademarked though

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Meet our founder

This is Faris Aranki, the founder and CEO of Shiageto Consulting!

Having spent over 20 years delivering strategic change for the corporate and non-corporate worlds (as a top-tier strategy consultant, non-exec director, educator and in-house strategist), Faris has experienced first-hand the fine differences between strategic success and failure.

His work has spanned numerous companies (from global behemoths to small start-ups), in numerous countries, across a range of sectors (including energy, banking, consumer goods, telco and media, government, automotive and education), supporting them all to unlock strategic success. 

He came to realise that often what hinders institutions from achieving their goals goes beyond the quality of their strategy; it is their ability to engage effectively with others at all levels and remove barriers in their way that can be the real barometers of success. 

Over time, Faris has built on his knowledge of how to solve complex problems in a structured manner, combining it with his skill for engaging others effectively and his ability to quickly determine the barriers to a strategy's success to consistently add value to clients. This knowledge has formed the foundation of our workshops, courses and methodologies.


Faris believes that any firm or team can adopt these improvements; all it requires is a little of the right support - something Shiageto provides!

He is ably assisted by a team of associates and specialists to deliver this work for clients.


"I am passionate about strategic effectiveness for all businesses and individuals. It doesn't matter about age, experience, size, industry, objectives, we can all improve our effectiveness. It's something I personally try to do everyday and the area I have been able to most add value to my clients; these are the very reasons I founded Shiageto Consulting" - Faris Aranki

What does Shiageto mean?

仕上砥 - Finishing stone of finest grain; used to finish the sharpening of a knife or other tool
[Pronounced: Shee ahh ghetto]

In our quest to come up with a powerful and memorable name (plus one that hadn't already been taken), we searched for a word that represented our very purpose.

After much soul-searching, an ill-fated attempt to make a salad with a dull knife one evening got us reaching for a whetstone to improve the sharpness of the aforementioned knife...Eureka!!

A perfect metaphor for our business; we are the tool to help sharpen the effectiveness of others. Not just any whetstone though, only one of the finest grain.

Thank you Japanese precision for a name and a mighty fine salad (recipes available on request).

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