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Shiageto is founded on one simple equation v6_edited.jpg

The famous Shiageto equation underpins all the work we do, as we help unlock strategic success by working on company, team and individual IQ, EQ and FQ

We believe these 3 components underpin everyone's successes (and failures); so to help you out, take our assessment below that will let you determine whether you are set up for Strategic Success based on how much of each of the 3 components you have.

Ever wanted to find out if your Strategy will be a success or failure ahead of time?

At Shiageto, we often get asked this by clients; that's why we developed our trademarked success equation:

Success = IQ x EQ x FQ

The even better news is that we have now developed a quick self-assessment for you to get an instant view on how likely your strategy will be a success and how much IQ, EQ and FQ it currently has

Follow the link below, answer some questions and all will be revealed; it should only take a few minutes

Best of all, we are always on hand to help improve your Strategic Success 

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