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Shiageto has a diverse client base and are proud to have experience working with a range of clients, big and small, across different industries

A flavour of some of our recent work

"We achieved more on our strategy in 4 weeks working with Shiageto then we would have left to our own devices"

- MD, start up

"Working with Faris is refreshing; he brings a level of emotional intelligence and strategic thinking that flows into the way he engages with all parts of the business and the outcomes he creates"

- CEO, scale up

Project 1: Improving Teaming and Decision Making

A large, global industrial business found their remote decision making was creating problems for its trading teams; it was too slow, took a lot of effort to get agreement among key stakeholders, too often resulted in negative outcomes and did not include all members of the team.


Shiageto has been working with the client to introduce a new approach to decision making, training them in a range of soft skills and running team bonding sessions.


In the 6 months since we have been working with them, psychological safety within the team has improved which has meant that time required to land decisions in the team has decreased by over 50%, team inclusivity has also improved considerably and the trading decisions made have improved the P&L by over $5m.

Project 2: Strategy War Games

With the acceleration of consumer behavioural changes because of Covid, a leading food manufacturer was worried about the impacts it might have to their business in the future. They wanted to find a way to test different strategies so that they could "win the market" and turned to Shiageto to design and deliver some interactive War Games to play out the competitive market in 2030.

Not only were the sessions very engaging, but they led to the creation of a strategy playbook that allowed the client to identify a set of "must do" activities, develop responses to future competitor actions and markedly increase their confidence for the years ahead.

Project 3: Breaking company silos and improving personal impact

A large, fast-moving, consumer goods company was struggling to break down the silos in its organisation and had particular problems with their different functions interacting effectively with each other. In their case, the more analytical functions were struggling to land ideas with their more extroverted functions which was leading to increased business costs and more dissatisfaction amongst their teams and customers.


The client turned to Shiageto to develop and run bespoke training for their teams to improve the way they interacted with each other and to introduce a range of new initiatives to bring their different functions closer together.

The training and new initiatives led to improved individual confidence and working between teams; this in turn led to bottom line cost savings in stock, quicker project delivery and higher customer satisfaction.

Project 4: Strategy Development

A start-up tech firm was seeking new investment and as part of this were looking for support to refresh their strategy; it had become clear that just pushing their one successful product would not be sufficient but there was considerable difference of opinions amongst the leadership team on what direction to pursue.


The client engaged Shiageto to run a series of workshops and interactive sessions to determine the vision, strategy and specific goals that they should pursue - this included using Shiageto's infamous "Top Trump game" to determine prioritisation of ideas.

After a tight 4 week process the company had a clear strategic roadmap that the whole team bought into, understood and were able to communicate as one. This in turn helped them land a substantial investment from private equity.

Project 5: Management and leadership training

A mid-size professional services firm was looking for help to improve the level of strategic thinking, creativity and influencing skills amongst their new manager population.  

The client turned to Shiageto to design and deliver a syllabus of training sessions (covering a mix of classroom, experiential and one-on-one training) that all new managers could undertake over 12 months.

The new training sessions were rated as the highest courses ever in the company's history and participants' skills were closely monitored with over 95% adjudged to have improved 6 months later by their line managers.

Project 6: Remote/Hybrid working strategy

As their workforce began to come back to the office, a scale up charity was looking to design an effective hybrid working strategy to ensure that their business wasn't negatively impacted.

Having previously worked with Shiageto to learn how their teams could move to a remote world effectively, they engaged Shiageto to deliver a Hybrid Working Strategy built by engaging their staff and overlaying it with their company priorities. This then led to Shiageto working with individual teams to land and coach the new approach so it could be quickly be adopted.

The return to the office is ongoing but early feedback is positive, with all teams fully engaged and a confidence that this will be a success.

"The training delivered by Shiageto was unparalleled. The team have grown in confidence and the way they work with others is a revelation"

- Head of Ops, global industrial

"We've never experienced workshops and team sessions like the ones Shiageto ran for us, it's so inclusive!"

- Senior Manager, professional services firm

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