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Innovative consulting to support businesses sharpen their effectiveness and improve their success

In today's business world, the pressure to deliver success can be overwhelming (and costly).

Often the response is to come up with a new, untested strategy but this does not come without risk. The risk of delivering the wrong thing, the risk of it not being accepted or being subsumed by competing demands, the risk of delays or overspend to delivering it; to name but a few.

At Shiageto Consulting we help your business reduce those risks by making sure you follow the right strategy, with the right effectiveness and the right focus; we call this "sharpening your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) & Focus Quotient (FQ)".

  • IQ - We sharpen strategies to make sure you are following the right path; we help ensure that your strategy is clear, measurable, underpinned by fact and stress-tested 

  • EQ - We sharpen business, team and individual effectiveness to better deliver your strategy; we help ensure that your business is working well together, that your culture supports your strategy and that your teams better engage and influence others to deliver it

  • FQ - We sharpen business focus to increase your success of delivering your strategy; we help ensure that your business does not have competing demands, blockers or too much to deal with that would hinder delivery of your strategy

These are the hidden levers that greatly improve your chances for obtaining success at a fraction of the cost.

Let's bring to life what we mean when we talk about sharpening your IQ, EQ and FQ. 

Let's imagine the context is that your team's vision is to scale a mountain. 

Sharpening IQ

The sharpest IQ would mean that you:

  • have a clear goal (is it reach the peak? or reach a certain height? or do a certain amount of climbing? - each is a slightly different goal and might mean a different approach)  

  • have identified all the possible options to achieve your goal (if your goal is the peak then there may be multiple routes and ways to get there - e.g. you could just use a helicopter)

  • decide what your key criteria for achieving your goal are (is speed important?,  cost?, safety?, amount of equipment needed?, etc. - the importance of each of these will impact which option is best)

  • assess each option against your criteria, select the best approach and a plan to achieve it

  • stress test your approach and prepare alternatives in case things don't go to plan

It's easy to assume you have done all the thinking and planning before you set off but we often are so keen to get going that we don't define the right problem nor address the right questions in a structured way

It may sound simple but you'll be surprised how many businesses find it hard to give sufficient attention to all three of these elements of success or just assume that it's all ok.
Like a wonky tripod, we often find that EQ and FQ get forgotten about and so the results are wobbly at best. 

What makes Shiageto Consulting unique is that we provide support across all 3 elements, leveraging our blended experience from the worlds of strategy consulting, industry management, education and development. We combine rigorous thinking and effective challenge in an engaging manner to make sure you are better prepared for the journey ahead. We work just as well with numbers, with words, with people and with ambiguity; which is very rare to find.
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